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New Hot Lenovo’s Netbook Appearance

Glowing red colors can certainly make anyone who sees the latest Lenovo netbook, and it will be blown away. Color selection and brave but charming was first present in the netbook Lenovo.

In addition to glowing red, netbook Lenovo fourth generation that comes in a choice of three colors. The colors also look brave and gallant is a bright blue color, Two other Lenovo colors, including conservative, i.e. black and white.
The entire chassis of the Lenovo S10 is positioned to replace the S100-3 it’s not shiny so fast not by grubby fingerprints trail hand holding it. Rhombus pattern adorning the entire upper body outside and inside. The exception is in the frame of the LCD screen of her plain-looking.
In addition to its appearance impressed bolder, at first glance nothing many changes S100 comparison S101-3. For example, maintained on Webcam resolution 0.3 mega pixels. Its screen was fixed 10.1 “with a resolution of 1024 × 600, three USB 2.0 ports in the left side and right side of the netbook, along with a VGA port and a LAN port. Memory Card Slot cover appeared on the side without a future.

For wireless features, present Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. stylish chiclet Keyboard S100 not unlike belonged to the earlier series, the S10-3. The Keyboard that is 98% full-sized keyboard standard.

So what’s the difference, in addition to the appearance of color casing? Hmm, turns out to be the first netbook Lenovo S100 is using dual-core processors, Intel Atom N570.
However, in the meantime, the Consumer 4 p & Product Manager says that Lenovo which was featured in the Intel Atom N475 processor. Memory can support up to 2 GB (DDR3), and comes with a 320 GB hard disk. Later hard disks will be upgraded to 500 GB.

Another interesting thing is the price. Lenovo S100 that weigths 1000 grams with thickness below 1 inch and the battery Li-Ion 6-cell will be released at a price from $280. The price is not yet included OS Windows 7 Home Starter.

New Kindle Fire Dolby Audio Dual Band

Are you ready for Kindle Fire 8.9 inch with HD display?
The exclusive dolby audio, dual band Wifi and breakthrough hardware technology makes this Kindle as the top 5 hot new release product in Amazon.
Enjoy the awesome sound quality without distortion for music, games and movies. Dual Wi-Fi antennas bring the wifi connection 40% faster to download multimedia content than iPad 3.


Kindle Fire Dolby Audio Dual Band Specification

1. Processor: 1.5 Ghz dual-core with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics
2. Display: 1920×1200 HD
3. Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi
4. Greatest HD Games
5. Unlimited Streaming with Prime
6. Free unlimited cloud storage
7. Powerful HD Processor
See more details and comparison with Ipad

The Kindle Dolby Audio Dual Band Wi Fi has anti-glare technology and advanced polarizing filter to make reach color with deep contrast from any angle. Kindle Fire 8.9-Inch release date, click here

Modern Furniture Gives Touch Of Extra Elegance And Classiness

[Modern Furniture Gives Touch Of Extra Elegance And Classiness], Furniture Design

A house owner mindful of maintaining his/her home when it comes to aesthetic values frequently check out a number of ideas every so often to include extra beauty, style and attraction towards the ambiance. In the modern time, the road of products that may accessorize the good thing about their house has exceeded the anticipation of individuals. Even so, the concept to call furniture together with its add-on add-ons to put in your own home is one thing which will possibly never get free from the popularity. However, most home owners with innovative ideas frequently hinge on modern furniture for his or her houses to step-up the posh, finesses and attraction to some next greater level. Incidentally, in this way-oriented world where many pounds is offered to create, splendor and luxury, the reality is people often treat even their houses accordingly. Modern furniture through the by comprises every stated element abundantly to include extra worth to some royal home. Obtainable in multiple styles, designs and designs, modern furniture is only the ticket to help you unwind and revel in wonderful time in your own home. This kind of decorating is generation x version in furniture industry today. It’s matchlessly beautiful and ritzy in term of appearance and it is produced from top quality and fresh materials in impressive ways that provide touch of additional classiness and elegance where it’s situated. They of contemporary furniture have advanced significantly to uncover groundbreaking ways and make furnishings which are unmatched when it comes to shapes and fashions. Your question as why modern furniture gains a maximum hands around the traditional furniture that was rather heavy and sturdy sounds good. Its quite simple to reply to, the standard furnishings are weighty whereas the thematic the first is lightweight that provide the previous the chance to complete for that previous and go ahead and take market by storm. Also while traditional furniture requires strict, frequent maintenance, thematic one fortunately needs least maintenance. Modern furniture, due to the innovative style and jaw-shedding designs, are simply the one thing that simply fit all the rooms of your house or office. With a lot of types, styles, colors, designs, and fashions obtainable in thematic one, the reality is that might be furniture looking for your family room and bed room easily. Generally, there’s modern furniture that matches the requirements of every homeowner and be assured that it’ll add extra appeal and finesse towards the existing dcor. Getting modern furniture sets if purchased from furniture stores NY to your house or office can breathe a brand new existence into its setting and enhance its more worth into it for example that the site visitors cannot resist themselves from singing the praises from the magnificence and also the style that evidentially is because of the item of furniture. Unlike a number of styles and designs in furniture which have come and gone consequently of the uncomfortable looks, uselessness as well as other reasons, modern furniture appears to remain forever due to its expediency, easy handling, and maintenance, ease coupled with style and perfection. Its flexibility in addition to availability in a number of materials makes extremely popular amongst public with cost and tradition.

LG Lucid 4G

LG LUcid 4G Android smartphone features and reviews. The Lucid by LG is made to create an easy-to-learn and also easy-to-use experience for first-time Smartphone users. The LG Lucid 4G smartphone provides fast access to call, messaging, voicemail, & camera attributes from the lock screen. Make phone calls by simply dialing with the Quick Dialer Widget. Assistance is at your fingertips with guided tours, which supply step-by-step on-device tutorials for consumers who need to learn more about their unique telephone. Lucid’s bright four.0-inch screen provides 700 nit (= 700 candlepower per square meter) that improves screen visibility under direct sunshine. The screen is also highly scratch resistant thanks to the display’s Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

For those interested in speed and also functionality, the LG Lucid 4G best smartphone has a fast dual-core 1.2 GHz processor combined with the quickness of 4G LTE. The processor and fast connectivity allows for seamless streaming of apps, music, and also movie. Also, with the full High Description (1080p) video camera and 5-MP camera you can share photos and also video clips with friends as well as family through DLNA or HDMI.  chat on the front-facing camera or upload photos to Facebook, YouTube, or your favorite social networking internet site. The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network provides speeds as much as 10 times quicker than Verizon Wireless’ 3G network. With 4G LTE, you’ll enjoy simultaneous voice as well as information abilities, allowing we to check email, browse the internet, download a great smartphone application, and check directions on Google Maps whilst on a call. You are able to expect fast download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps in 4G LTE mobile broadband coverage areas.

The LG Lucid smartphone weighs 5.0 ounces and measures 4.69 x 2.45 x 0.45 inches. Its 1700 mAh lithium-ion power is rated at up to 8.0 hours of talk time, and as much as 350 hours (14.5 days) of standby time. It runs on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, and LTE 700/CDMA 1900, 800 EVDO REV A/1xRTT frequencies in which 4G LTE is definitely not available. Different features include a 8 GB internal memory and room to load a microSD memory card (holds up to 32GB), 1 GB of RAM, GPS for navigation (via Google Maps) and also location-based services, multimedia player with wide format compatibility, and customizable home screens.

LG Lucid 4G specifications and features :
4G LTE connectivity
OS : Android 2.3
1.2 GHz dual-core processor
4.0-inch IPS touch screen display
5 MP camera + Full HD 1080p video record
8 GB internal memory + supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
GPS navigation
Wireless-N Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Version 3.0 + EDR
Integrated Google Maps
Onboard GPS
MicroUSB port
3.5mm headphone jack
Full HD 1080p video capture
Corporate/personal e-mail
Virtual QWERTY Keyboard
Dimensions: 2.4 x 0.4 x 4.7 inches ; 5 ounces
and more.

LG Lucid 4G reviews :
– The LG Lucid 4G consumer reviews can be read by clicking the image on the right side of the product specifications and features.

That’s information about smartphone reviews and smartphone features of the LG Lucid 4G smartphone. >> Click here for more information or to buy cheap LG Lucid 4G smartphone.