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Edited on : Feb 13, 2020

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Following the phenomenal success of Babar's Yoga for Elephants and Babar's Museum, Larent de Brunhoff's latest, all-new Babar adventure will take children on a world tour they'll never forget!

As Babar said to his children, "We are taking you around the world." And so he does in Babar's World Tour, the latest from the venerable storyteller and artist Laurent de Brunhoff. Our favorite elephant family visits a number of countries around the globe. First stop is Italy where they learn to say, "Buon Giorno! Hello!" After that, its' off to Germany, Spain (where they learn to flamenco dance!), Russia, India, Japan and Thailand (for snorkeling). Then Mexico, the Southwest United States, Egypt, Antarctica, and of course, France (just in time for a fashion show!).

In this adventurous addition to the Babar series, children are introduced to an international array of cities, customs and languages as they learn to say "hello" in each new country. Babar's World Tour is enjoyable and entertaining for armchair travelers of all..

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